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Brand Building
Brand Building

Want to buy shoe??

Buy from bata want to buy mobile?

Then buy from iPhone 

Can you think why products categories equal any company?

That’s the power of brand. While you think about something to buy then first thought comes in your find is about the biggest company in that sector. 

According to the nielsen survey 59% of consumers prefer to buy new product from the brand familiar with them.

Now just think in the point of view of companies then If you want to start a business then your business is small. So you need to competing with big companies which have loyal customer and huge marketing budgets. So to compete with them you need for brand building.

What is brand?

Brand is only the logo of your company and well advertisement. You have to put more efforts to build a perfect brand.

Brand is the over perception of customer about your business.

Brand is your reputation

In fact the big brand which is amazon founder Jeff besos said that “Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in a room.”

In today’s competitive market to make a perfect brand you have to become consistent and get more positive eyeballs for your business.

Now many people ask that brand building is simple?

The truth is Brand building doesn’t happen overnight or not in a few months. It takes time. And you would become consistent.

What is Brand Building?

Basically brand building is process where ongoing efforts will results in establishing long term relationship with customer. 

In simple as more your brand name comes on customer mouth as more your sales increases through referrals.

The perfect defination of brand building is the generating a awareness about your business by using marketing strategies and campaigns with goals of creating unique and long lasting image in you market.

Positive impression + Standing out = Brand Success.

In 2020 the brand building can be done effectively with the help of digital marketing techniques

About all this channel to getting brand awareness we talk briefly later!!!

I have a simple path to building a brand to gaining loyal followers. 

Are you looking to start?

The below  branding building steps helps you to build a brand as a starter.

How to build a brand?

Build brand
Build brand

1.Discover the goal behind your brand

Every successful brand has a powerful goal behind it.

To define your brand goal ask some questions to yourself!!

Why to you start a brand?

How you differentiate your brand from others?

Why should people care?

Which public problem your brand solve?

If you only ask this questions to yourself you will get the goal of your brand.

To become successful brand your brand have strong goal which helps you to take action and make simple to other to understand your brand.

2. Research competitors brands in your industry

While you new in your industry then make sure to track the big brands in your industry to know what they are doing for growing their brand.

Your intent not doing exactly what your competitors is doing you have to differentiate your brand.

The main motive of this research is find a proper brand name that attract more audience towards brand.

Creating a spreadsheet of research competitors brand.

To make records of your research elements of competitors brand make a spreadsheet which sort all data for you for this you can use Google sheets, excel.

This spreadsheet which you fundamental answer of this questions

  • Is the competitor consistent with messaging and visual identity across channels?
  • What is the quality of the competitor’s products or services?
  • Does the competitor have customer reviews or social mentions you can read about them?
  • In what ways does the competitor market their business, both online and offline?

To do this find some top competition in your industry. It’s not hard to find it.

3. Determine you brand targeted audience

Next thing is decide your targeted audience. Because you create brand to become familiar with the people and that people is your audience.

But have understand they not every type of audience is useful for you. For instance suppose your brand relate to the appeals and you target audience who wants cars and all then this not your targeted audience. You have to figure out which is your targeted audience.

Then How to figure out your targeted audience?

Firstly find the products you want to alawa through your brand.

Then find out the interested person about your products if you new then competitors research will help you.

Also understand you brand buyer persona such as:-

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Income
  • Education Level

To go into deep you can dive in into more details

  • Motivations
  • Goals
  • Pain points
  • Influencers
  • Brand affinities

As a result to identify your brand targeted audience helps to grow your business and digital brand strategies. It’s definitely crucial step.

4. Find out the qualities & benefits of brand offers

Now your brand compete with the other big budget brands. 

To get more exposure and make brand memorable you have to figure what special your offer gives that nobody can give.

Just focus on qualities and benefits makes small brands big.

In last stage we find out the targeted audience this stage we have to maintain quality and benefits of your offer.

If we talk about quality and benefits we can’t ignore APPLE (mobile phone brand) no one is here who don’t know about apple in fact some of who read this article may be using apple iphone.

The special thing of apple is Apple’s qualities and unique benefits like clean design and ease of use.

Also by doing unique packaging apple reminds customers that they are using an out of the box product. 

Just because a unique product and quality apple phone’s are used by many people instead of their price is high.

5. Form your unique brand Voice

Your brand voice depends on your companies company’s mission, audience and industry

It would be anything that represents your business.

May it

  • Professional
  • Authoritative
  • Informative
  • Promotional technical.

Anything that you like there are many adjectives like this can build your brand message.

Finally you have to build your brand voice that meaningful to hour brand or business which targeted your customer.

Because effective brand voice makes strongest connection with customer.

6. Build your brand story and messaging

While building a brand tell people about your success stories that you achieved in the past.

For this you can use you business voice that you chose.

Brand message is also important factor.

Your brand message should be clearly correlated with your brand and convey it consistently.

A brand story is the opportunity to connect with customers emotionally.

It means your language tuning should be clear and understandable to your targeted audience.

Also keep in mind that your brand story is not addressed to what your product can do. It addressed what is important for customers.

7. Create a brand logo and tagline

In last stages we create brand voice, story, message, targeted audience, offer in all.

Now it’s time to create a logo and tagline here’s the stage where you need a creative execution

Here exciting thing is the brand promotion is creating a logo.

Why is the logo so important?

Because people short  and visual things all you done may not remember customers for long time but your brands identity which is logo may remember people for long time.

So and so logo is more important

For this I recommend you to hire professional freelancer to design your brand logo if not this keep this key point in your mind while design a logo.

  • Logo size and placement
  • Color palette
  • Typography and fonts
  • Iconography
  • Photography/image style
  • Web elements

8. Add up your brand in everywhere in your business

Brand building is something that never stops.

To building strong connection with customer with your brand then make your brand visible everywhere your targeted audience present. Your targeted audience can see, hear and read everywhere add your brand.

Because which is seen that can be sell.

Anything you publish under your brand add your brand identity which is your logo whether its your advertisement, packaging, product or anything.

In digital world ensure that your brands looks same everywhere. Use your brand style guide to create consistency with visuals such as color and logo use, fonts, photography, etc.

Your website is the most important tool for marketing online. When you design your website make sure add your personality and brand promise in it.

Also one boon for online branding is social media. Create Profile page of your brand on every social media.

If we talk about the brand promotion then which is more effective than videos?

Videos are the visual content that boom and their not only limited for youtube only in fact facebook, instagram also focusing on video content Facebook live , instagram live, stories are those also the part of video 

So he videos are he best way to brand your self because videos makes a personal touch with the viewer. Through your image and blog article you can’t personalize with the audience but in videos chance are more to engage with the content.

9. Become loyal and consistent about your brand building

Brand building is something that not for  limited period. You have become consistent with customer engagement. In brand building consistency is key.

Once you create your brand voice you have to create content on a consistent basis to get results. You have to loyal about your brand and grow it.


Brand building is something what want consistency and proper plan execution to grow and become a big brand

If you work as a digital marketer then you the importance of brand value to enhance business and promote offer and get leads.

As the brands are loved by search engines the biggest search engine google algorithm changes and dominating the brand’s content on the top. To keep your brand and promote it.

And if it’s personal then very good….

This is my opinion now you feel me which brands you believe succeed most in Brand building process?

Tell me in comment section.