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content marketing tactics

Content marketing era becomes started my those days gone that when you easily ranks on Google and get free traffic. To get traffic you don’t just depends on Google you have to use content marketing tactics. 

How to do content marketing?

First of all content marketing is not just depends on single platform there are too many platforms are available online on which you can do content marketing. 
To know more about content marketing see the content marketing Guide

Here I’m Going to share 21 content marketing tactics that’ll skyrocket your website traffic

Best Content Marketing tactics

#1. Produce consistent content

In content marketing content is everything and the best way to do produce content is it should be on consistent basis.

Because over the internet per day approx. 5 billions of posts. So that to sustain in this competitive market you should have to create content on consistent basis.

#2. Leverage videos and infographics

Don’t just make similar type of content shows shome diversification in your produced content. I mean to say that create content in multiple format. Like writing content, video content, audio content and infographics.

In fact videos and infographics can leverage your content marketing strategy much more good than written content.

#3. Build targeted Landing page

In content marketing landing page is very crucial part because it’s may be the first impression of your brand in your platform and you know first impression is last impression.

To make landing page more targeted follow this tips will help you

  • Add different color contrast
  • Make relevant call to actions
  • If possible then add testimonials also.
  • Add focused forms in landing page
  • Try to include engaging videos and infographics.

Want to create targeted landing page then check out this post 3 step lead generation process.

#4. Understand your audience

To do marketing effectively you need to understand your audience. By understanding your audience you can just sell product to your target audience. Not to everyone.

And because your selling your product to targeted audience makes  marketing easy.

#5. Run more and more A/B testing

Online appearance matters most because website’s appearance and written stuff will talk with your customer as a salesman. So that you need to focus on A/B testing.

A/B testing is the creating two different format of your web page and see that audience’s behaviour regarding that. And make that designs useful. Because best design provides good results that you want.

#6. Focus on Facts and technical quotes

In content marketing. If you’re using written content then use facts and technical quotes. The reason to use technical quotes and facts is those get more and more shares as well.

Just suppose you’re creating a blog post then include technical quotes and facts in it and add click to tweet. For that you can use click to tweet plugin which helps you in it.

#7. Do competitor analysis and leverage your work data

Competitor analysis isn’t hard these days. Even you can spy your competitor online effectively. For this various tools are available in market like Semrush, ubersuggest and more…

Here’s I explain all the things in one example.

Firstly find your strongest competitor in the market. And copy their link and paste in semrush and see that what things which keywords are they are ranks? Who are linking to them? And what’s are their top anchors.

Then decide your marketing strategy which helps you to leverage all this work data. I know it’s time consuming so that so some selective competitors only. To leverage your content marketing performance.

#8. Build email list

As I always says that build email list will reduce your dependency on search engine ranking results. While you’re using third party website to engage with your audience you’ll see that their is some limitation but in email marketing. All this problems solve you can target your audience as you want.

To build email list you need to create lead magnet which bribe your audience to put their email and get access that lead magnet. If you want to learn more about email marketing check out our guide.

To do email marketing you need the special email marketing software. For this you can use Getresponse. I personally use this software.

#9. Use emotional keywords in headlines

You have to understand that you are targeting humans. So that you can use emotional keywords in headlines which helps people to get interact with your content.

If your content headline is eye catchy then it increase your CTR rate in search engine. And Emotional keyword are doing these work in your content.

Some emotional keywords

  • motivated.
  • eager.
  • keen.
  • earnest.
  • inspired.
  • enthusiastic.
  • bold.
  • brave.
  • Most Important
  • Profitable
  • Proven
  • Quick
  • Remarkable

#10. Publish original content

One crucial of content marketing is content. So that make sure to care about the content originality. The content whatever you’re creating have legit and should not spammy.

Maintain the originality and quality of content. It create trust audience about you. And it helps in your brand. If someone get help from that content your good image created in their mind which helps them to convert in future.

#11. Write research guide

Research guide is the best way of content marketing. Because while you share research based articles people like to share it on social media which gives to traffic or audience to your business,

To write research guide I suggest to make collab with the other influencers then create research based guide and share it on your website. 

#12. Use multiple content strategy

Multiple content strategy is one of my favourite strategy because here you don’t need to find too much ideas for creating content. Just you have to do one thing that create the multiple formats of your one content.

For instance suppose you create content on keto diet then create the multiple formats of content like write article on it, create video and share ppt and make a podcast then share it on multiple platforms. This strategy is so effective If you do it properly. 

Note:- Don’t forget to add your brand mention in your content which helps you in brand promotion.

#13. Focus on audience pain point

Find out the audience pain point and drop your hammer on it. In content marketing you have to delivered the things that people what…

First study your industry properly and find out what problem they are facing related to your industry. And make a solution of it and try to grab that audience as a lead.

Just because you’re providing the solution of their problem so that they like to be the lead of your business.

#14. Interact with behind the scenes

Social media is the best way for content marketing. After all your customer spend their lots of time on social media and If you still not targeted people on social media then you make a mistake.

You know the main problem people are facing on social media is not generating engagement. To generate engagement you share your behind the scenes to make them the part of your business. 

“People like to see personal things most as you show it”

#15. Leverage social media for interaction

As I already said social media is the best way to do content marketing. You just have to increase interaction on social media.

Here’s some ways to increase interaction on social media.

  • Answer to their comments
  • Interact with them in community
  • Go live with your audience.
  • Post a videos on social media much more.
  • Help them out on social media
  • Host giveaway 

All this things will help you to increase social media engagement and interaction.

#16. Content curation

Content curation is the process to curate the best content to show with your audience.

Content curation is the best way to do content marketing. In this technique you don’t have to create content fresh content from scratch.  

This technique is mos popular among marketers In fact according to one survey it’s found that 57% of marketers say they would prefer to share 10 or more items every day in order to effectively engage their audience.

#17. Use scarcity rule

If you’re promoting product and service through content marketing then you can use this techniques.

Scarcity technique is basically to show customer that product offer will ending soon you can only purchase now. As that. This work very well. To increase your sales instantly.

To apply this scarcity rule you can use evergreen timers on your landing page or you can launch offer for purchase. You can also called it limited period offer.

#18. Build online relationship

In online world relationship is everything. And relationship is also help in content marketing as well.

If you want to do successful content marketing then build an strong online relationships with influencers. Because If you have relationship with people then you can approach them to do something for you which helps both.

But one thing should always remember in online relationship don’t just think about yourself try to helping each other.

#19. Improve your conversion Funnel

If you’re not creating conversion sales funnels or leads funnel then you’re making a mistake. Conversion funnel will helps you to grab visitor to customer very effective.

And If you already creating sales funnel then try to improve those conversion funnels with analyzing data regarding that.

To build awesome sales funnel I recommend to use Getresponse Auto funnel software which helps you to create audience conversion funnel with tracking.

#20. Do content collaboration

As I earlier said to build relationship online and the content collaboration is the one the best way to do that..

You can do content collaboration with likeminded people to build relationships and engage both audience. In content collaboration choose the relevant problem which both audience are facing. Both this you can take Polls in your community and decide the most relevant problem and do content collaboration and try to give solution of it. 

#21. Make a Good story

Make a good brand story is also one content marketing tactic which is helpful for you.Try to create one brand story which completely show your passion related brand. Which motivate people to show interest in your brand.

Note:- Brand story not created in one day It need time to be created. Just you have do is take a problem solving decision which indirectly becomes your brand story.


21 content marketing tactics will helps you skyrocket your website traffic. One thing I want to tell you at last that customer doesn’t care about you they just care about their challenges they are facing and through content marketing you are solving their challenges.

So that to understand your audience is so crucial at the moment you know your audience you’ll will be half successful in content marketing and your half success depends on your implementation.