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Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Internet is a boom in today’s world  as it grows one term called digital marketing becomes a big industry. 

As a new in this sector some people may be asked what is digital marketing?

This digital marketing guide clear your all doubts about digital marketing.

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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the marketing of products and services using digital sources like mobile phones, tablet and PCs.

Digital marketing channels are system based on the internet that create and produce a consumer terminal, through digital networks.

For example while you open a phone and use internet then you see the ads of specific products that’s the one part of digital marketing not only that but also the content you consume on YouTube, other social media and Google that also include in digital marketing.

How digital marketing works?

As a digital marketer if you want to start a digital marketing and you can’t understand how to start? Then kindly ask some questionary words to yourself you will get your answer

  • How to start a digital marketing from today as free source?
  • What are the exact strategies to start with digital marketing?
  • When this strategies yo be implemented?
  • Who are the experts in digital marketing follow them as reference?
  • Which tool are required to start a beginner level digital marketing?

Why does digital marketing matters?

Google and Facebook are those companies that earn much more revenue than the traditional media companies through advertising.

The reason is companies like google and facebook have more audience and they are successful to create eyeballs for their audience. 

While you ask anyone near you and simply ask Do you have an account on facebook?


Are you using Google for searching anything?

99.99% times you get the answer YES from them that’s the power of digital marketing.

Between the last two or three years ago maybe it continues today you see the banners or big holdings on the high traffic areas that he part of traditional marketing. 

Why put on high traffic areas?

Because they catch more eyeballs to their products and services and get customers. But in digital marketing companies grab more and more audience and it is easy for them to grab more eyeballs that exactly for they charge from advertisers.

Big categories of digital marketing

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Email Marketing 
  5. Social media Marketing
  6. Affiliate Marketing

These are some big categories of digital marketing whole online marketing included in these 6 categories. 

Catergories of digital marketing
Categories of Digital Maketing

To become a successful digital marketer keep trying to give your best in these categories.

1.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the process to rank higher and higher in search engines.

Basically in SEO search engine decides the ranking of content present over the Internet. To get top rankings in SERPs.

As a business point of view suppose you have a website on which you sell your service if your website ranks in top of search results on search engine then your chances of getting for customers increases. Also it reduce customer acquisition costs to acquire customers.

SEO includes

  • On page SEO: This type of SEO focus on optimization of website designs and keywords to gives signals to search engine crawlers about your website relevance. On page SEO completely done into the website boundaries.
  • Off page SEO: This type of SEO done completely outside of the website boundaries. Which includes creating a backlinks, social signal building and visibility of your website on web pages.

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2.Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine Marketing is totally opposite of Search engine optimization. 

In search engine marketing you buying traffic from search engine but Search engine optimization you get organic traffic according to your rankings. Don’t need to pay a single money that.

In short

 Search engine marketing = Paid Advertising

While you search on Google before organic results you see some ad results. 

3.Content Marketing

In online marketing content is king. If you create a content then you’ll become master in digital marketing 

Content marketing is the strategically creating and distribution of valuable or relevant content to targeted audiences to get profitable customer engagement.

  • Blog posts: Creating a blog posts on your website to guide visitor about your business also it helps you to get organic customer from search engine traffic
  • Video content: video content one more way to guide your audience about your business. In fact according to research found that people doesn’t like to read lengthy articles but like to see the visual content that increase chances of more engagement.
  • Ebook and white papers: ebooks and white papers are another long format content to guide website visitor. It also helps you to generate leads for business like contact information and then moving them through sales funnel.
  • Infographics: As I said visual content more effective than textual content so that if you creating a visual content then if helps to content visitor to customer as well. But while you create a blog post or video. Blog post makes bored people you can do one thing that create a info graphics of your written blog post so that it doesn’t bored reader. And it easier than creating a video (If you’re creative)

4.Email Marketing 

Email Marketing is the process of sending various types of content to lists of subscribers via email.

Why are emails so effective?

Because emails make a personalized touch with the audience and people like to see he ads in email inbox than their social media or search engine. So it is effective.

How to do email Marketing?

  • Blog newsletter subscription
  • Customer welcome emails
  • Offer promotion emails to opt in visitor
  • Follow up emails to website visitors who download something.
  • Sending emails to maintain audience relationships.

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5.Social media Marketing

Social media Marketing  as name suggests social media Now everyone knows about social media to get audience from social media is do easy than any other source.

Because On social media audience size is large and best part is each and every time of audience is available on one platform.

Also paid advertising on social media is cheaper than the search engine advertising. That one is also a plus point to dominate on social media marketing.

6.Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is very old technique to get sales in digital marketing.

Affiliate marketing system is so simple. Here you promote other brands products and while you make a sale for their product through your allocate specialize link then you get commision. That’s it.

Affiliate marketing is works because in affiliate marketing your marketing cost reduce because not only you promote your products but other professional marketing also promote your products.

And just be think logically suppose one marketer promote your products and you get 5 sales from them with conversion rate 10% 

Now if we calculate then while the marketer reaches up to 50 people then you pay him 5 sales cost if you see then indirectly benefit is yours. Because your branding is done with no cost.

Common mistakes makes with digital marketing 

Digital Marketing base is traffic two common mistakes marketer made in driving traffic.

  1. Don’t try any traffic strategies :- The biggest mistakes marketer made is even don’t try to implement strategies and don’t experiment with their traffic resources. We think that our content which we create sell itself.  And get traffic without putting in effort and even not trying to get traffic from other sources.
  2. We try every traffic strategy :- some marketers use traffic strategies and try to use every traffic. Just because every strategy using doesn’t focus on  one specific strategy.

While getting traffic , first create your own plan and then categories it in a few key points. That helps your blog which nobody can read to a multi millionaire blog.


All of this was the scoop of digital marketing as internet grow the the digital marketing business grows continuously. 

And of course no one can miss this opportunity of internet.

So if you far away from such kind of thing then get up and get the advantage of all of this and grow your business.

I hope your all doubts clears by reading this stuff.

If you already works in digital marketing then will you use any tactics in your business?

If any then tell me in comment..

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