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Email Marketing Guide
Email Marketing

Fail to done marketing? And grow audience reach? Email marketing is the solution of your problems.

Email marketing had exponential growth potential in today and in future. Because people refer to ads in their inbox rather than their social handles or any other.

Now question is

What are the benefits of email marketing over other forms of marketing?

Internet is big and the core of internet is emails. Because wherever you visit any website you need emails to grab their service in short emails becomes the medium to interact with the people professionally or personally.

According to the survey it’s found that 95%of internet users have their own email you can imagine how email marketing is big.

Email marketing is also effectives because people believe more on emails rather than social media and any other kind of marketing so and so that the ROI of emails is much higher than other forms of marketing.

So Now you understood that why email marketing is so effective. But what is exactly what’s their importance and the main way to start email marketing right now that all doubts we clear in this blog post.

What is Email Marketing?

Before see the email marketing let’s understand what is emails? 

Emails is the electronic mail its a medium to interact with each other. And the marketing ine by using emails then it’s called is email marketing.

Email marketing is basically strategically sending emails to audience that you have or customer using digital Marketing strategy.

Effective email marketing campaign is to convert your audience into customer and to make existing customer loyal.

Importance of Email Marketing

Now we discussed what is email marketing now we talk about the importance of email marketing let’s discuss about this

There are many reason to prove that emails are so effective.

#1. Email converts better:- emails ROI is much better that other forms of marketing. To experience that run ad campaign and at the same that send emails to your email list. And see the results. I am damn sure that results comes from the emails are much better.

#2. No restrictions with emails:-  If you marketing with others platform their have some restriction target audience. But to marketing with emails has no restrictions are their you own your emails list and you can target your audience as you want.

#3. Email marketing done with other form of marketing:- Marketing with emails is not specifically done you can done this with other forms of marketing which the biggest pros of the email marketing 

But the question is

How does email marketing works with other form of marketing?

As I said above emails are more preferred. email marketing works very well along with social media marketing. So you can cross promote your brand and products with social media and emails. Just suppose send your company’s social profiles on emails. And build your email list with the help of social media.

To build email list with social media has many ways that you can do this. You can create a lead magnet and share it on social media to grab people. Also you can do the giveaways to attract more audience. 

To build email list with social media you can run a lead generation ad campaign on social media like facebook, linkedin, instagram etc.

How to start email marketing in 2020?

Email marketing is not stuck for a particular industry specific you can easily implement it in your business if you have website. Here I share one common email marketing step by step process to clear demonstration.

Email marketing Step by Step
Email Marketing Step by Step

But before I share email marketing process is common for every business but how to implement in your business it’s your work and you have to find how to implement it….

Step 1 :- Create a Lead Magnet

The basic property of email marketing is emails to get emails of your customer you have to provide some values to your audience to make it convert into customer.

But the question is 

How to provide values to audience?

To provide values to your customer to do that you can educate your audience about your service or product but the question is till same How?

You need to create a lead magnet which attracts your customer. For this you can give some freebie to you audience like ebook, offer a course for free, also If you have product or service you can give free demo. In return you can get their contact details like emails, name etc.

For instance In our site we create a lead magnet which educate people about sales and marketing. We offers sales and marketing checklist for free..

Step 2:- Build your email list

Now you create lead magnet after publishing you lead magnet it time to build an email list. While someone opt in lead magnet you will get their email.


Also you can create a newsletter on your website to grab emails of visitors. 

Step 3:- Personalize Marketing with proper segmentation

Almost every marketer tell you to build an emails list but no one can tell you to segment your emails list but the truth is segmentation is very crucial part of your  email marketing that I feel.

What is email segmentation?

Email segmentation is grouping your email subscribers into smaller groups according to their specific criteria. But why to segment it?

For the personalized emails. Just send one email to entire list is so foolish instead of segment it. Send only those content to that particular list that they want or interested in.

Just doing a segment you can improve email open rate and decrease unsubscribed rate because audience doesn’t get irritate due to continue emails.

Step 4:- Create & Send newsletter and email autoresponders

Now you segment your email list according the criteria now create a proper email Sequence for specific segment.

Also create newsletter separately to give updates of your content or products.

Step 5:- Make your email list fresh

One thing always keep in mind hat your email list is your key to keep it secure it’s important to send emails to subscribers on consistent basis.

But some time people change their email address or some it may not interested in your brand anymore.

That’s not good thing for your email list. To avoid such thing keep your email list fresh. Avoid and remove inactive and unsubscribe user. To make your email list stats good.

How to make email marketing so effective?

Email marketing is huge and need o make it effective follow this some simple tips…

Send personalize emails

To keep your email list fresh and add emotional contact with subscribers always focus on the email segmentation and send personalize emails to your subscribers.

Also by sending personalize emails states of that particular segment becomes good. There open rate, CTR increase. Also they want to stay connected with your brand.

Improve Open rate

In successful email marketing the key is high open rate. There are several reasons of bad open rates

Sometimes your sent emails end up in spam folder and now reach to the subscriber to avoid such things always preferred trusted and recommended email marketing service provider which I given below.

To increase open rate you can always make your email subject line engaging and attractive. Add some humour in your emails to make it enjoyable to readers and they like it.

Map your entire email Sequence

Map your entire email sequence according to the campaign goal here is one example of email sequence

Email 1: Introduction and saying thanks for subscribing.

Email 2: Explain why the specific topic/problem matters. This helps build the demand for your product.

Email 3: Explain what you need to do to solve the specific problem/accomplish a certain goal. This builds credibility, and you start helping people in advance.

Email 4: Explain how exactly to solve the problem in more detail. Transition to the sale and mention you’re launching a new product/program in a few days.

Email 5: Launch your product. Tell your list that your product is live and can be purchased in the next few days. After that, you will close your cart and it won’t be available.

Email 6: Remind your subscribers about the product. Share how many people bought it so far, what other people think about it and how many seats are left.

Email 7: Last day before closing, first email. Tell your subscribers that there are 24 hours left and your product won’t be available after that. Remind them what they’re going to learn in your program and what the benefits are.

Email 8: Last day before closing, second email. Transition more into scarcity and that there are only a few hours left. After that, your product won’t be available.

Email 9: Two hours before closing. This is where you go full scarcity and focus on the change people want to make in their lives. How much do they really want to solve their problems/accomplish their goals?

Email 10: Cart closed. Send an email to explain to users the product is no longer available. Share figures. Thank everybody for their support.

Which Email Marketing service is the best?

To do this kind of marketing effectively. We need some special software to send bulk emails at one click.

Many email marketing services are available in the market which provide good service. So I share here.

Get Response

Get response is one of the leading email marketing service provider that you can use. I personally use this tool.

Basically get response is paid tool & their plan start with $15/mo* also they provide 30 days free trail.


Mailchimp also one of the most used email marketing tool. This is the free tool upto 2000 subscriber after that they charge.

If you are in digital marketing or make money online niche related then it not much effective. Because it’s against their policies. I personally experience this tool in past.


Aweber is used email marketing as I seen. is paid tool and there plans starts with $19/mo* also Like get response they offers 30 days free trails to their new customers.


Sendinblue is another free tool for email marketing. It’s free up to 300 emails per day and 1500 subscribers

Just like mailchimp sendinblue also have some restrictions that you need to check.

Now the question is

Which tool we should choose paid or free?

Actually it depends on you if you have budgets and need some for extra service then use paid service otherwise use free.


Email Marketing is the something that never end in business. It’s the medium to connect with your customer.

To start with, marketing with emails is so easy and helpful. So I started with marketing with emails and targeted your customers as you want.

Tell me your knowledge about email marketing in the comment section.

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