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Getresponse review

In-depth Getresponse Review which the all in one email marketing solution Here you can see that Is it right to use Getresponse?

Getresponse claims that they are the easiest newsletter sending tool and extend their operations in 182 countries and claim that 1 billion users engage with their service every month.

Getresponse recently redesigns their website and includes some more features like landing page creation, Newsletter, Opt-in Forms, webinar, and conversion funnels that we review all these services In this Getresponse review 2020.

Getresponse Overview

Getresponse Tutorials:- Ultimate Guide Review and Free Trial


The Cheapest Marketing Solution

Getresponse is the online marketing services that start their operation with email marketing service which works great for them. Now they offers varies marketing tool under their plans. Like landing page creation tool, automation, Webinar, Conversion Funnel, and many more. 

The best part is there plans start with just $15/month which is awesome. And also they provide 30 days free trial for there service which is good.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use Setup
  • Solid Email Marketing Features
  • Provide 30 days Free trial
  • Great 24/7 Customer Support
  • Drag & Drag landing page builder
  • Ready to made landing page designs
  • Analytics tracking for each campaign you send


  • Deliverability rate is Poor
  • Limited payment options
  • Not having a separate free plan except the initial 30 days.
  • No Refund Policy

Quick GetResponse Review

ease of use

Ease of Use

Almost all things are easy to use or navigate Getresponse design is clear and clean you can easily add and remove widgets from the dashboard.

list management

List Management

You can easily create an email list and management with features such as the save segment, scoring, and Add tags. It helps to management list with complete automation and also you can easily change settings.



Email automation is the simple drag and drop and also you can assign tags and score with email automation. It also has some ready-made email automation available which you can use. But one thing that you can’t build from scratch If you are using a $15/month plan


Newsletter Tool

You can easily create a newsletter with drag and drop features and also use ready-made premium designs for the newsletter.

landing page

Landing page Creation

The landing page creation tool is very great you can create unlimited landing pages with Getresponse. The landing page creation tool includes all sales conversion features available with drag and drop system.



A webinar is a new feature that Getresponse launches with a webinar maximum of 1000 attendees. Also, It needs some improvement as well.



Getresponse not easily integrates with every tool but they are partnered with some popular platforms like Facebook, WordPress, Shopify, Magneto, Salesforce.



Getresponse is the cheapest email marketing service than their competitor their plans start with just $15/month

Getresponse pricing Details

Getresponse Pricing
  • Basic:- In plan include 1000 subscriber list and cost $15 in which you can send unlimited emails per day.
  • Plus:- In this plan, you get 1000 subscribers and cost $49 with some additional features from the basic plan.
  • Professional:- In this plan, you get 1000 subscribers and cost $99 with some additional features from the professional plan.
  • Enterprise:- This is a special plan starting from $1199 with a list exceeding 100000 subscribers.

As your subscribers count increase pricing of plans also increases. You can evaluate all this pricing on their website’s pricing page.

The enterprise plan depends upon the requirements and size _ if you need you can contact the Getresponse team. Where you can negotiate with them to get a suitable price as well.

Also If you get 12 months or 24 months plans then discounts are available on these plans. If you buy a basic plan for the 12 months you’ll get an 18% discount and for 24 months a 30% discount.

The specialty of Getresponse plans

All Getresponse plan includes the basic email marketing features like

  • Import and export of email list
  • The various theme for email newsletter
  • RSS feed
  • Autoresponders functionality
  • A/B testing
  • landing pages

Then what’s the difference between their basic, plus, professional plans.

There are special features using restrictions are their like

  • Automation Builders:- Automation builder feature of Getresponse is available for plus and higher plans for the plus plan it is up to 5 workflows.
  • Sales funnel:- Sales funnel creation feature available for all plans but for the basic plan, only 1 sale funnel and for plus limited up to 5 and unlimited for a professional plan.
  • Webinar:- webinar functionality started with the plus plan it’s not available for the basic plan. For plus, professional, enterprise webinar attendees are 100, 300, 500 respectively.
  • User Accounts:- In the basic plan, you have only one user account. In plus, professional, the enterprise you’ll get 3, 5, 10 users respectively.

How Getresponse is cheaper than its competitors?

Getresponse offers much cheaper plans than its competitors. Getresponse main competitors which Aweber, Campaign monitor Offers $29/mo* plan for 1000 subscribers list. As the same plan Getresponse charge $15/mo*

Also, Getresponse plans are set very optimistically because if you compare Getresponse plans with other their competitors then you are getting some key features with cost-effectively.

How Getresponse is cheaper than its competitors?

Getresponse offers much cheaper plans than its competitors. Getresponse main competitors which Aweber, Campaign monitor Offers $29/mo* plan for 1000 subscribers list. As the same plan Getresponse charge $15/mo*
Also, Getresponse plans are set very optimistically because if you compare Getresponse plans with other their competitors then you are getting some key features with cost-effectively.

Features which Getresponse Offers

Newsletter sending Tool

Getresponse is the email marketing software where you can send emails to the peoples who opt-in for your list. As I use this software so that As I experienced the newsletter sending tool is very impressive. Here you can create easily drag and drop email template from scratch as well as some ready to made templates also available for help.

In this tool, you can track your newsletter analytics by tracking the click-through rates. Also, send the newsletter to the segmented list as well as the complete list as you want. Here the deliverability rate of Getresponse is not so great. So if you want perfect deliverability rate good then it’s not for you. After all, this is great for the newsletter tool.

How to send newsletters to the email subscriber in Getresponse?

Step 1:- Login into your dashboard and click on the Link in Top center Called “Create” and select “create Newsletter

create newsletter

Step 2:- Here You can see the two options like drag and drop editor and the second one is Html code editor If you know HTML only then go with that option otherwise go with drag and drop editor.

Choose email builder

Step 3:- Now Here select the Linked list, Message Name, Email subject and email address from which you want to send a newsletter

newsletter setting

Step 4:- Now It’s time to design your email. If you want some responsive design then there are tons of designs are available for you here and If you want to  design your email then select “start from scratch” option and select format

newsletterr email designs

Step 5:- Design your email as you want and after designing completed then click on the next step in the bottom right corner.

newsletter designing

Step 6:-  Select the subscriber that you want to send an email whether It’s any particular list, segment, and here you can select subscribers manually as well.

Step 7:- At last check all details and spam score and send or schedule newsletter.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is a special tool that Getresponse provides very well. Getresponse provides this feature in its cheapest plan as well which is not available in its competitor.

Marketing Automation means creating a workflow that instructs get a response. What to do if someone performs particular actions.

By using automation you can do email subscribers assigning tags, scoring, and list segmentation effectively without doing any manual work all these things done automatically.

How to Set up Marketing automation?

Step 1:- Login into your dashboard and click on the Link in Top left  Called “menu” and select “ Automation”.


Step 2:- Click on “Create Workflow”

create Automation

Step 3:- Then you will some predesigned automation set up which you can use If there’s your perfect template is available. If not then you can create your automation as well Just click on “Build from Scratch”

automation workflow predesigned templates

Step 4:- Then build your automation setup with simple drag and drop element in the whiteboard.

Use It For Free

“Build From Scratch” feature is not Available in $15/Month plan so If you want to use this then Go with $49/Month Plan

Conversion Funnels

Conversion funnels are also one more effective and new launch feature of Getrepsonse. By using then feature you can create lead funnels and sales funnels as well. 

If you are selling your product online then conversion funnel is a great tool for you to increase your sales and also helpful for getting qualified leads for your business.

Conversion Funnel is the one feature that gives identity to the people apart from email marketing service. Now you can use Getresponse for the following things as well.

  • Create a product catalog
  • Create and run Facebook ad campaigns
  • Create landing pages
  • Add subscribers to an autoresponder cycle
  • Drive users to sales pages (also created in Getresponse)
  • Take payment for products
  • Send abandoned cart emails if necessary


Getresponse launch new feature before lockdown which is Webinar you can host a webinar with Getresponse as well. I personally do not use this feature of Getresponse but according to their plans, you can add up to 300 attendees in webinars with their highest plan. 

For the webinar, If you’re using top leading webinar hosting companies like Gotowebinar then Getresponse is the best option for you. Because Pricing of Getresponse id very competitive with marketing. To host a webinar of Gotowebinar then you need to pay $59 but If you want to host a webinar on Getresponse you need to pay $49 only. Then you can see the difference here.

Landing Page Creation Tool

The landing page creation tool is one of my feature tools which I use to create my courses and ebook landing page. Landing page creation tool I like because here you’ll get all this tool which is necessary to create a sales conversion landing page.

To use this tool you don’t need to have experts to use this tool you simply create the landing page with easy drag and drop builder. You can also create both desktops as well as a mobile-friendly landing page as well.

They have their landing page with the category wise which you can easily. But honestly, their predesigned landing page designs become better. I find some lack of attractiveness in it.

How to create a landing page in Getresponse?

Step1:-  Login into your dashboard and click on the Link in Top center  Called “create” and select “ Create Landing Page”.

create landing page

Step2:- Here You can see tons of predesigned landing pages template which you can use to create a landing page. Simply click on your favorite landing page design

landing page templates

Step 3:- Give the name to your landing page and see the landing page and thank you page preview. Then click on “Next step”

landing page name

Step 4:-  Now you can freely edit the landing page with the help of element bar simple drag the element you want to add in landing page and drop in your design as simple.

element bar

Step 5:- Also you can add favicon and SEO title and meta description to your landing page by clicking on that setting icon on the top right corner.

landing page setting

Step 6:- After completion of design click on Next step and edit the mobile version of Landing page

Step 7:- Then click on the Next step and If you have a domain name then add here. Also, you can include remarketing codes at the bottom then simply publish your Landing page.

Sign up form Builder

If you simply want to build sign up form then Getresponse also provides this feature as well. Getresponse sign up form builder will helps you in it.

The best feature of Getresponse Sign up form builder is they don’t need to find any external design they provide their own ready to made designs, as well as they, are integrated with other platforms as well as WordPress, Facebook, Joomla, etc..

How to create Sign up Form with Getresponse?

Step1:-  Login into your dashboard and click on the Link in Top center  Called “create” and select “ Create Form”.

create forms

Step 2:- Here you can see the various options to design web forms. Just like List builder wizards, List builder app, plain HTML, and Integration.

create forms options

List builder wizards:- Here you can access the Getresponse ready to made design which you can edit and use 

list builder wizards

List Builder App:- Here You can add apps to build forms

list builder apps

Plain HTML:- you can use the simple form which helps you to add somewhere No design included in it.

plain html forms

Integration:- You can integrate with various apps to add forms easily.

getresponse Integration

Step 3:- Select your suitable form and start to edit it.

Step 4:- Then click on setting and done essential settings like web form name, choose list, add autoresponders, Forward settings, and tracking and save it.

form setting

Step 5:- then publish your form then you’ll see the publishing option like code of integration or Host on Getresponse server etc… 

getresponse code integration

Split Testing

Split Testing is the create multiple variants and see the performs of each of them see which works best. This helps to increase conversions as well.

Getresponse has great functionality in the split testing feature Here you can create up to 5 variants of the message. If you want to do split testing then Getresponse provides this feature as well. You can use Split testing e-newsletter sending, Forms, and Landing page as well.

Key Feature which I like most about Getresponse

Opt-In Process

Getresponse has the opt-in process with two methods which are single opt-in process and Double opt-in process.

In a single opt-in process. When visitors fill the form and click on submit they are added in your list directly. But in Double opt-in process, visitors need to confirm their subscription It means when someone fills the form and click on the submit button then one email he received in their opt-in email in which on the link in presence by clicking on it they can confirm their subscription.

So both methods are available in Getresponse You can use a suitable one for you.

With Single, opt-in process subscribers can easily be added to your list with one click. It generally increases the conversion rate of your mailing list.

With the double opt-in process is better to verify the people who opt-in for mailing using a real email address or not. Due to this, you can get accurate qualified leads to your mailing list.

Email Segmentation

Getresponse provides one feature that differentiates the Getresponse from their key competitors like Aweber, Mailchimp, and Sendinblue. That is Email list segmentation.

By using this feature you can divide your list by considering one similar point.

Segment A
Segment B
Segment C
Segment D

The benefit of Email segmentation is you can send more relevant and personalize a message to the correct person which increases your open rate and CTR.

Just suppose you want to send message A to Segment A, B, D but not Segment C then you can do it easily on the same list.

The best part is the Email list segmentation feature is available for every plan you choose in Getresponse which you have to pay more with the competitors.

Drag and Drop landing page Builder

To design landing page with Getresponse you don’t need to familiar with coding in all you can design pages with simple drag and drop features. 

Simply drag the element you want to add in element bar and drop it in your design that’s it.

Customer Support

Getresponse has great customer support among email marketing tools services.  The company offers customer support like a Phone call, live chat, email support, and Various online tutorial to help customers.

Unfortunately, phone support is disabled now and only available for enterprise plans only but their other support channel is performing very great.

Generally, I use the live chat support and I seem to be quite good because here your problem solves instantly in real-time. Or In email support, my experience not quite not here you need to have a reply that happens to belate.

Overall my experience with Getreponse In terms of support is Good and acceptable.

GDPR Compliance

The new act called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) rules more complex. Because There’s the stricter rule that followed on the e-newsletter.

In Getresponse GDPR compliance here you can see the Getresponse GDPR compliance. Also, you can send the GDPR consent field that makes it easier to log consent and comply with the regulation.

GDPR compliance not allowed on your landing page tool Here you can add Facebook, Google Pixel without any break of regulation.

Conclusion:- Is Getresponse worth it?

Overall my experience with Getreponse is too good. I would like to continue using their service in the future as well.

If you searching for multiple tools like landing page creation, email marketing software, and different forms then Getresponse is all in one solution for you.

I think It’s hard to search service which gives an all-round solution with the cheapest price and 30 days free trial.

Now It’s your turn to tell me what you think about Getresponse Would you like to use the Getresponse service or not?

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