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increase affiliate sales

Affiliate marketing becomes more popular these days but many beginner struggle to increase affiliate sales the one crucial reason for it is execution and also one reason called lack of knowledge.

Most of the time beginners in the knowledge phase. They don’t even know how to do affiliate marketing? So to make easy their work Here I’m going to share 25 ways to increase affiliate sales

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the type of marketing where marketers get a commission to make a sale for the advertiser’s product.

Simply find a product you like then promote it if you make a sale then you get a piece of profit in the form commission on every sale you make.

Top 3 Mistakes that marketers are doing in affiliate marketing?

Many newbies are doing these mistakes while they start affiliate marketing which becomes a barrier for them to get more sales in affiliate marketing.

1. Not Have any specific Platform

Many newbie affiliate marketers start affiliate marketing on social media and other third-party platforms without having any own platform such as websites and Blogs.

So they don’t have any trusted identity to convenience someone to purchase from your affiliate link. And all this problem leads that they can’t convert more people to generate sales.

Even I’m also starting like this without any platform and facing such a problem. And when I realized all these things are waste of time if I don’t have my website or blog and so that I start my blog onbizz Digital.

So If you want to increase affiliate sales then first I recommend creating your platform like a blog or website which is the best way to do affiliate marketing.

If you want to start Blog then you can join our FREE start blogging course and start your own blog from scratch

2. Promote more than one product of the same category

Many people doing these which reduce their affiliate sales.

They have their own platform but they promote more than one product of the same category. It means If you’re promoting email marketing software convertkit then with the same product don’t recommend another email marketing software like Aweber. Promote only one product.

Because If you recommend two products of the same category at a time. then the visitor becomes confused and delays their decision to purchase. And In affiliate marketing, if the customer delays their purchasing decision then you lose your affiliate commission. Because then they research through their end and then make their decision.

3. Lack of understanding your targeted Audience

To increase affiliate sales you have to understand your targeted audience. Because If you can’t understand your audience then you can’t promote a product that is not fit for your audience.

Always promote those products which are helpful for your audience.

To make your work easy here I’m giving you one activity do this and Find your perfect audience

For this activity, You have your own blog which links to your Search console.
To your search console and see that which of your pages get higher traffic from search engine and check their top ranking keywords.
Then make a list of those keywords and analyze which keywords you’ll get more traffic and from which keywords you’ll get less.

Then the keywords from which you’ll get more traffic then that your targeted audience 

Now create a list of the promotion which is related to your targeted keyword. And search for their affiliate program because These promote gives you for affiliate commission.

25 Cool ways to increase affiliate sales

Here I’m going to share 25 different way to increase affiliate sales without increasing your blog traffic.

Don’t just read try to apply it on your affiliate blog

1. Build Trust

If you want to increase affiliate sales then you have build trust among your audience that you’re the trust and legitimate person so that they buy fro your affiliate link.

To build trust among the audience you can provide first value to your audience so that they can easily believe on you If you recommend at that time. They like to buy it from you.

Just suppose you write on e review article and add link into it. But don’t consider cons in it. And your targeted audience buy it ans see the cons but you can’t cover it in your article. You’ll get only one sale. Because after that they don’t believe on you.

2. Write an Awesome Review content

The very popular but very important factor to increase affiliate sales. Writing  a review article is important because here you describe completely about that affiliate but in other articles you cover other aspects as well.

You know almost everyone write review article  who are doing affiliate marketing. But some of them are rank 


The reasons are too many that affects that your article can’t rank. Here we are talking about solution not problem

Tips to write an Awesome Piece of content

  • Before writing review article do proper keyword research find some useful keywords
  • Use link everywhere to increase affiliate sales  but (not too much)
  • Use call to actions in your articles
  • Write article on that product as soon as possible to get better ranking in search engine
  • Write lengthy and detailed article include every aspect of your post
  • Use attractive heading to increase CTR
  • Include videos and multimedia to make your review article better.
  • Don’t forget to add conclusion at the end
  • Not just include pros but also add cons to build trust
  • Also share the pricing and plans in it.

Just follow this tips while creating an awesome piece of review articles. 

Link cloaking technique is to make your ugly and long affiliate link into pretty and shorter link.

If you are not using this technique then you’ll make a mistake. Because If you promote those links then it seems spammy and audience not going to click  on it. So that link cloaking should be done.

To cloaked such a link you can use thirsty affiliate plugin I personally use this tool as well.

For example

Normal affiliate link

Cloaked link

4. Multiple content format strategy

multiple content strategy

If you struggling to rank on search engine or getting traffic to your website then this is best strategy for you use.

Multiple content format strategy Here First you create one content in any format. Then convert that content in other content formats like written content, video content, audio content such that and then it publish one format on your website and distribute others in popular sites.

For instance

You write review on a product.

Then you also create the video, audio and presentation on it and publish those on youtube, podcast and SlideShare.

If you are using these technique then at least one content format becomes rank which helps to increase affiliate sales.

5. Write Product comparison Articles

product comparison

These one is very powerful way to increase affiliate sales. You can write product comparison articles. Like Convertkit vs Aweber, semrush vs Ahref. 

It means compare two products on same category so that you can promote two of them. If someone purchase at least one you’ll get the commission. 

6. Use affiliate banner within articles

Many affiliate programs provides affiliate tool which include and get increases so that they provide various banner which you can include in your articles to increase affiliate sales.

Make sure that use relevant banner in relevant article. Because If you add relevant banner in relevant article it increase affiliate sales Like this:-

For example

If you are writing article about How to lose weight then you can add banner of keto diet related product which is relevant to that audience. So it works.

7. Give a rating to the products

In your affiliate review article make sure to add star rating in articles. Because It helps to increase conversion rate. Also it helpful for the visitor to make their decision.

To give star rating I recommend to affiliate Booster plugin to display attractive star rating

You can give star rating like this

You can also create one affiliate menu where you share also the tools which you use and make visible on your site.

If someone follows you and visit your site then may be they click on it and make purchase. We also create one recommended tool like this:

Affiliate menu

9. Use Pop-ups of affiliate products

You can use exit intent pop ups to increase affiliate sales. 

Firstly one product which almost everyone wants or essential for your niche. And create an pop up of it and when someone want to exit from your site they will see this Pop up.

You can use this strategy to increase your conversions.

10. Start Free courses

Starting a Free course is the one the best way to increase affiliate sales. Here you can create an free course which the burning problem of your problem and promote the affiliate offers through that course.

We also launch our free start blogging Free course for beginners 

Free course

11. Use Call to Action Buttons

While writing review article make sure add call to action buttons to recall visitors about your affiliate product.

To increase affiliate sales you can use engaging call to action buttons which you can get with affiliate booster plugin.

12. Create Alternative product list

To increase multiple product at a time this strategy is very effective in it. Here just find one popular product that people like to use. 

Make the alternative list of that popular product and before promoting them make sure you should become the affiliate of that alternative products.

This strategy is very effective because sometimes people can’t like to use popular product so you can convert those people as well.

13. Create the page of tools I Use

If you are running a blog then these strategy is useful for you.

YOu just need to create one page of tools I Use. Where you add those products that you ate personally use and share your experience.

This strategy works because If someone follows you then they like use products that you’re recommends.

14. Improve your designs

In affiliate marketing your website designs matters most. Because now people like to see the glammer most.

To improve your website design you can use proper responsive theme. You can affiliate booster theme which is special design for affiliate marketing. If you want to get conversion then design your website with proper affiliates.

15. Create a Sales Funnel

If you create an sales funnel then your whole works becomes easy. And it also enhance your marketing skills.

Just build sales funnel that converts Here I explain How you can create perfect sales which converts visitor into customer. For sales funnel use Getresponse try it for free

16. Build your Email list

Email list is the one of crucial part to increase affiliate sales. Because It’s the one way to reduce dependance on search engine traffic.

How to build Email list?

First I want to ask you one thing why you want to rank on search engine?

The reason is because here you’ll get quality traffic and convert. In short you’ll get traffic from search engine. But what happen If you’ll get all traffic you get will be returning one. That’s exactly email list work. If you have emails of your audience then you can send them your new content updates and offers. And If you create proper sales funnel then you can convert those email leads into affiliate sales.

If you want to generate email leads then read this 3 step process of lead generation.

17. Monetize your ranked Pages

If you have some web pages already ranked in Google search engine then you can also monetize those blog post as well.

To monetize those ranked pages, First understand the content which you serve through that content. Then find the relevant product regarding those content. And update that blog post by adding those product into it.

I’m sure you’ll get sales from that content because It already ranks on search engine so that traffic isn’t problem,  you just need to monetize it with proper content.

18. Create your blue ocean

Affiliate Blue ocean

This traffic is really works effective if you are doing all things right.

Here you need to create something different other than your competitors. You want to get some extra benefit that you’re competitor doesn’t have.

For example

Suppose you’re promoting the product that you’re competitors will promoting same. You can contact to the affiliate program team and convenience then that you have XYZ things which differs me from other If you are give some extra benefits then you’ll get some more sales from my side. 

If you convenience them then you have extra benefit that other competitors which becomes game changing for you.

19. Create Quick Review Boxes

Generally people becomes bored to read complete article so you can optimize your content easy to make purchase decision then It will be great.

You can add quick review box which where you can review product on different aspects and at the end add one call to action button.

Here the example of mine website see how i create this Quick review box.

Quick review box

I create this box with affiliate booster blocks plugin. 

20. Add pricing tables in review Articles

If you can write an review article then you can add pricing table to explain pricing details easily. Also it helps reader to decide which plan is suitable for them.

Because pricing table include

  • Plans 
  • price of product
  • The functionality of different plans
  • discount on each plan
  • button to purchase

You can create perfect pricing table with elementor plugin and also with thrive architect plugin. Both are best for this.

21. Social media promotions

Social media is the open source community for everyone to promote their stuff. If you are missing this then you loss the biggest community over there.

Social media promotions are helpful and easy way to get traffic to the sources. If you are struggling to generate traffic then don’t missing this platforms.

If you have some cash in your pocket then you can create social media ads as well. It helps you to sales for your affiliate offers. We are also provide facebook and Google ads management services.

22. Start Webinar

The webinar is also one way to increase affiliate sales Basically the webinar is the online video conference with online audience.

How to generate affiliate sales with webinar?

You can host webinar on specific topic and share knowledge about it and with that you can promote some useful product which your audience can you.

Webinar is effective way and the chances are more that you can generate tons of sales through webinar. Because people who attend your webinar is targeted audience. And have interest in that topic so that chances are more that you’ll get more affiliate sales.

23. Create a video

Video content is trending now a days you can use the videos to promote your affiliate product. Just like articles you can create review video of that product and share affiliate link in the description. 

There are lot’s of platforms where you can upload your videos and share link in description you can do it on Youtube, Facebook, vimeo, instagram and LlinkedIn as well.

24. Don’t hesitate to promote your affiliate articles

Some people hesitate to promote their affiliate articles. Don’t becomes shy to promote affiliate article. If someone need help regarding that particular product then share your link.

But make sure don’t do spam by promoting like a hell and everywhere special on those people how even don’t know about that product.

25. You Quora to get quality traffic

Basically Quora is the online Quesiton and answer community. Here you can answer the question that you know. 

To increase affiliate sales you can find the relevant questions and answer those questions here. And Share your website link as well.

The reason to answer questions on quora Because It generate quality traffic to the website.

Note:- Make sure don’t share affiliate link directly. Share your website article with relvant anchor text doesn’t looks like spam.


I hope you like this 25 ways to increase affiliate and hope that you’re going to use this techniques in your blogging stuff. 

If you can’t use this techniques then it’s doesn’t works for you. At my initial days I’m also doing same mistake as I realize I start to implement and see the results as well.

If any queries you can ask in comment section I’ll try solve your queries as well.