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A 3 step Effective Lead Generation Process
Lead Generation

Still missing your customer? Then lead generation is the key for you. Start lead generation to get your targeted customer.

Is Lead Generation worth it?

First of all lead generation is the process to grab your customer as lead in your list. But why?

To target them to encourage them to purchase your product. If you grab your customer as a lead it has two benefits.

  1. You can target them through sales funnel
  2. If you are new to customers then they don’t like to buy your product for the first time. So Instead of losing them try to opt in as lead.

If you grab customers as a lead then you can target them according to what you want. You have your own audience base. Which is much better than social media channels and other platforms. In such platforms you have restrictions for you.

Here’s how you can follow them on lead generation.

Also Here I share 3 effective steps for lead generation that you need to know.

#1. Create a Lead Magnet

A 3 step Effective Lead Generation Process

Lead magnet is something that you offer to your audience to get them as a lead. As also called a bribe.

Here For instance support you have a product regarding digital marketing tools. And you give it your audience with 14 days free trial then that your lead magnet here you offer something which attracts your audience to use your service.

But How to create a lead magnet ?

Creating lead magnet is little bit simple here I sharing some 7 ideas to cheating a lead magnet.

#1. Create Checklist

You can create a checklist for your audience to grab them as a lead. For this find the trending topic I’m your niche. Then pick one sub topic and create a checklist about it.

Make sure that list you create will provide value to your audience otherwise it’s not work.

Instead of their contact details you can offer it for free.

Like us we create a sales and marketing checklist for our audience as you can see it on our website as well.

Lead magnet sales and marketing checklist

#2. Create an Ebook

Ebook is also one trending content delivery format which you can use for lead generation.

For creating an ebook pick one core topic and write about it. Also one concept comes in earlier time which is audiobook you can create an audiobook as well.

We are also create 2 ebooks which is for free 

  1. 20 ways to make money online
  2. Beginner to advanced SEO
Lead Generation beginner to advanced seo

Learn Here How to create an Ebook

#3. Offer a free service

If you have any service then you can offer it as well. Just give a trial of your service.

Offering free service gives you benefits to get your customer. Because while consumers use your service for free then in case they like your service then your chance increases to get your sales as well.

Like Getresponse which email marketing tool offers free service to their audience for 30 days.

Getresponse lead magnet
Credit:- Getresponse

Semrush which is a digital marketing tool offers 7 days free trial to their audience as well.

Semrush lead magnet
Credit:- semrush

#4. Host webinar

Webinar is basically the live interaction of the audience and you through the internet.

Webinar is trending these days as well. To start a webinar , decide to host a webinar on a particular topic. And promote it. Instead of joining your webinar get their contact details which are lead for you. 

Also through Webinar you can deliver your sales pitch to convert them into customers.

For hosting webinars you can use getresponse as well.

#5. Email Course

Create an email course. Imagine lead is actually the email of your subscriber. So you can create one email course where you can share email lessons step by step. 

For this you can get their email as well. Also our email course is coming soon for you guys. Can you guess which topic we are covering?

#6. Special content for subscribers

Create special content which is not visible for everyone it only created for your email list subscriber. And add it to your blogs with the unlock option. To access that content get their email.

If you visit the backlinko then Brian Dean uses this strategy for lead generation. Some stuff he unlocked only for their email subscribers. 

It creates loyalty about your brand among your subscribers.

#7. Create an awesome tool

This is advanced lead generation ideas that you can implement. Try to create one tool which helps people to ease their work in your niche.

Just like Neil patel purchase ubersuggest tool and add it to their website it increases traffic to their website as well as get the leads from that tool.

Also you can buy some tools regarding your industry and get promoted.

The benefit of this tool is you can also monetize that tool as well.

#2. Create landing Page

Landing page is the page which is created for specially marketing or advertising. Proper landing pages increase conversions. So that it’s so important.

Landing page is the second view after your promotional material so that a proper landing page gives a better view to your audience.

In lead generation the importance of landing pages is necessary. Landing page is the page which converts visitors into leads. 

Tips to Optimize Landing Page

To get a better understanding here I’m sharing some tips to optimize landing pages.

1 plan your optimization strategy 

Landing page optimization which you will do. First plan it very well. And be clear with your landing page goal. 

By visiting yo your landing page customer should be satisfied. And then customers buy from you.

First plan your optimization strategy in advance e.g. which word you used in the landing which make visitors excited about your stuff,  Which images and multimedia you used in the landing page which make give customer value etc.. also of this should be planned before optimization.

2. Keep simple your landing page design.

Design is a very crucial part of landing page. Try to make it simple. Your design  should not irritate visitors. Visitors should easily find what they want.

Try to avoid adding more than five elements at the start of your landing page. Your aim should be to focus your website visitor’s attention on your product or service. For this you can use call to action buttons, some lines about your products.

Because more visual clutter shifts visitors to focus away from your products which doesn’t help you much.

3. Use contrast color combination

The best landing has ever used any color contrast which reflects clarity and feel.smooth to the visitors.

While optimizing the landing make sure to use color contrast in CTA buttons. Generally use orange, green and blue for these buttons.

4. Apply limitation technique

Just imagine if you sell something and tell people that it’s available for a limited period. Can people buy instantly or not?

Absolutely yes they instantly buy it. Because you create a scarcity to your customer of the product or service only for a limited time period.

For such type of optimization on the landing page you can do the embedding times and counter on your landing page.

5. Put call to action button simple

Make your call to action but simple. It isn’t confusing to your audience. 

Call to action should have more than 5 words and don’t try fancy fonts. It should be readable to visitors.


“Get instant Access”

“Join here to download”

“Download your copy”

“Join Here”

“Buy Now”

6. Add contact details

Make sure while creating a landing page don’t forget to add your contact details page. It shows a legitimate impression on the audience. 

You can provide visitors with contact information through contact form, you can include your contact email in the contact page. Also provide social links to contact. If you have a sufficient employee base then add a help center or live chat with your consultant.

7. Try different headlines

People are still reading text content such as headlines. Just like videos and images, world headlines help a lot.

But How to find proper headlines?

It’s so simple to find the headlines which like the most audience moat you can do A/B testing to find a suitable one.

8. Be consistent

While brand building visual presence matters a lot in conversion rates. Because of consistency you or your brand regularly comes into contact with the audience.

For this try a facebook that takes people to the landing page. While creating a facebook ad try to add your brand mention this helps to build the faith of your visitor.

Also try to keep your ad design similar to the landing page design. It works a lot.

9. Optimize landing page for SEO.

People can find landing on search engines by optimizing landing pages for SEO. you can drive traffic to your landing page all time.

Organic traffic from search engines has a high converting audience so your conversion chance increases as much as possible.

Here you rank for industry related keywords and 

Try to rank in top organic results. For organic rankings use tools like ubersuggest or semrush to find best performing keywords.

10. Try exit intent pop ups

Exit intent pop ups work such that when visitors want to exit from the website one pop up window opens on the browser.

This technique is used as a “lead magnet” because pop up windows don’t do well if you want to find sales conversion from it.

If visitors exit from your site then customers don’t have intent to buy right there. Here you can collect his email address through exit pop up and then follow them through email sequences.

Tools you can use to create Landing page

To create proper optimize landing page is necessary to I crease conversion rate So Here I’m sharing some tools which helps you to create proper landing page.


Getresponse is the email marketing tool but If you see that in the past 2 years they add more features as well.

Bow you can also create an awesome landing page with the Getresponse. It becomes easy for everyone Now.  Also they have some great design templates for landing pages as well as contact forms. 


WordPress itself has a great optimizing option. If your website is already set up on wordpress then it also can you.

One benefit of using WordPress is you don’t need to find other alternatives for it. If you have proper knowledge about wordpress then you can do it also it is free to optimize.


Elementor is also one easy to use drag and drop tool you can use. Most websites are now working wordpress if your website is also it you can use elementary plugin to optimize landing pages.

Elementor is a simple and easy drag and drop feature I like most. Also they have some custom design template you can use.


Clickfunnels is the special tool for creating landing pages. Also you can create a proper sales funnel by using click funnels as well.

Click funnel is basically a drag and drop page builder. One thing which I like most in click funnels is they can easily integrate with other apps like your email marketing g software messenger bot which makes your work easy.

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is easy to use landing page builder tools. Thrive architect is fastest and visual page builder. You can build pages on thrive architect with click to edit feature.

Thrive architect has approx. 330 conversion focused landing page templates and also provides pre built advanced conversion elements.

#3. Promotion

At the last stage we need to protect it. So that they can reach your targeted audience. 

Here I am sharing 7 ways that you can use to promote your lead magnet that you create.

1. Social media Sharing

Social media is a great place to share your lead magnet. As I already said, lead magnets work very well. If you share it among the audience. And social media has the highest potential of audience you can utilize that audience into your lead.

If you have some little cash then also you advertise it on social media as well.

2. Guest Posting

If you offer something for free then a Guest post is great for you. If you guest post on any popular site which has a daily audience. Then you can easily get 50-100 sign up from it.

The place to promote your lead magnet in guest posts is author bio.

And the best part of it you can write no guest posts through which you can promote your lead magnet easily. Also in return you earn backlinks for your website as well.

3. Run Webinar

Webinar is also a great way to promote your lead magnet as well as sales conversion. Many affiliate marketers are using this technique for sales as well.

One point about webinar is it needs promotion, too. It’s an advanced level lead generation strategy.

For instance, invite guests on your webinar on a particular topic which is the same regarding your lead magnet and then discuss it in a webinar. Due to this you can get access of guest audience as well

4. Create an Infographic

Infographic easy to share option. If people like it. Create an infographic of a key aspect of your offer.  Make sure to include the lead magnet and path should be mentioned in the infographic.

5. Share it in forums and groups

There are various forums available on the internet regarding specific niches. Also some groups of communities are available over the Internet.

Try to use them to promote your lead magnet. But remember one thing don’t spamming on the regroup by just sharing a link. But also share some introductions and offer details. Which you share with visual forms like image, video etc.

6. Mention it in your other blog post

I suggest you create a blog related to your lead magnet topic. And mention the lead magnet offer in the blog post. Also you can do if you have passed several blog posts related to the topic mention lead magnet into it.

For instance suppose you have a digital marketing tool and your lead magnet is 14 days free trial then you have already posted on your website which tells people about your product then include your lead magnet into it.

7. Promote with your email list

If you offer something course or ebook for free then share it with your existing email list. Because if they like they get their testimonials and include it into your landing page and also encourage them to share it.


So this is the lead generation 3 step process which you can follow to generate leads for business.

Lead generation is crucial because who has an audience he makes rock or skyrocket their sales as well.

So that keeps focusing on lead generation.

Let’s take a short recap of this 3 step process of lead Generation

Step 1:- Create a lead magnet

Step 2:- Create Eye catchy landing page

Step 3:- Promote it with targeted audiences.

Let’s start to implement this awesome lead generation system and get your customer.

Ask me your question and queries and tell which step you like most? in the comment section…

Is Lead Generation worth it?

First of all lead generation is the process to grab your customer as lead in your list. But why?
To target them to encourage them to purchase your product. If you grab your customer as a lead it has two benefits.

You can target them through sales funnel
If you are new to customers then they don’t like to buy your product for the first time. So Instead of losing them try to opt in as lead.

How to create a lead magnet ?

Creating a lead magnet is little bit simple check out this 7 ideas
1. Checklist
2. Ebook
3. Offer a Service
4. Host webinar
5. Create course
6. Special content for subscribers
7. Create an awesome tool

What is Landing page?

Landing page is the page which is created for specially marketing or advertising.