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PPC advertising
PPC Advertising

My website traffic becomes stuck. I don’t get traffic to my business. What should I do? SEO takes time. Then paid advertising is the solution for you. In paid ads specially PPC advertising.

Paid search ads appear in search engine result pages in the sponsored section. You may notice that while searching on Google some ads shown before organic results are PPC ads. 

Paid search advertising can help give you the advantage over your competitors while driving more qualified leads back to your site.

If you are curious about the PPC advertising. Want to start your PPC ad campaign then this blog post will help you to set your first PPC ads campaign. 

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC advertising is the type of advertising where businesses can pay every time when they get clicked to the ads. There are several platforms which give you a chance to advertise on their platform like facebook, google, etc.

Paid advertising includes PPC ads like google with paid search d you can bid for placement of your ads appears on top of paid results as such you much your chances increase to appear in top of paid search results. While someone searches for relevant keywords related to your business your ads appear and if they click you pay for it.

Pay per click ad
Pay Per Click Ad

How does it differs from other forms of advertising

Paid ads are the effective ways to get your product or service in front of your potential customers. But paid ads are not the only way to do that also you can do SEO and organic search results which doesn’t need to pay when they click.

But SEO and organic search results take time. Instead of this paid ads can’t need to wait for a couple of months and wait to appear in organic searches.

If you have business then you can afford to pay for ads. Just like PPC ads there are various ad formats like 

  • Pay per install
  • Pay per view
  • Pay per acquisition
  • Pay per download
  • Display ads
  • Video ads

In all these ad formats you decide your marketing goal, here you decide when you want to go. Whether it install, view and optin.

PPC ads work better if you want traffic for your business. Because pay per click your marketing goal is click it means you pay while someone clicks. So your money doesn’t become lost if you have a lot of money. 

PPC advertising Basic :- Things you Need to Know

There are various steps involved to create an effective PPC ad.

For advertising management some things you need to know …

Choose platform and Set up an ad account.

Google Ads
Google Ads

While choosing an advertising platform there’s no doubt that google ds are best. As you know everyone is using Google for searching their queries. So google is best for advertising. If you’re using other services like Bing ads then they should also be good.

To advertise with Google you need first to set up your ad account. Don’t worry it’s not a hard task to do. Google makes it simple for everyone.

Firstly visit the Google Ads site to set up your account. Google gives you the two options to set up your ad. 

  1.  Use an existing Gmail account or
  2.  Set up a new account. If you are already using G-suite for your business email, then you should use this email address for your Google Ads set-up.

( If not, you should create a Gmail account to use for setting up and managing your Ads campaigns.)

Now google ask some questions regarding your ad preferences like your currency and timezone. Then you have to set up your billing details. For billing there’s two options: automatic payment and manual payment. In automatic payment charge you while you get ad clicks. And In manual payment allow you to pre-pay, and any charges are deducted from the pre-payment amount.

PPC keyword Research

Just like SEO keyword research, PPC keyword research is very hard and time consuming. But it is necessary to create an effective ad campaign. Here you’ll need some initial keywords regarding your product, service and related to your brand.

While finding initial keywords create a list of keywords that will help you to drive traffic to your website. Also include long keyword variation. As much you use targeted keywords you’ll get more qualified leads. 

For this keywords research you can use semrush, ubersuggest tools. Also consider cpc of the keyword while doing keyword helps you to optimize your budget.

Paid search ads aren’t something that is set up one time and forget about it. As you analyze your PPC campaign performance, you’ll want to make adjustments to your campaigns to optimize results. Here are a few elements that you will need to manage over time:

  • Updating keyword list:- You’ll need to keep updating your keyword list to get more effective results.
  • A/B testing Ad Groups:- Do A/B testing of ad groups into smaller and more relevant ad groups. It improves CTR rate, quality score and decreases pay per click.
  • Redesign your landing page :- To improve PPC ad results not only improve the ad campaigns but also redesigning your landing page and make it more user friendly. Which helps you to convert it very well.

Why Should you PPC advertising?

There are many reasons why PPC ads are great to use. Have a look at some benefits of PPC ads.

PPC search ads can Generate more qualified leads.

PPc search ads can help to generate more qualified leads for your business. It’s more effective than other types of ad format.

PPC ads generate traffic for your website. So that the chances of getting the leads for your business increases.

If you strategically target your PPC ad campaigns then it generates quality traffic to your site. Just because the traffic is quality it is likely to be converted as a lead.

PPC advertising get instant results.

In other traffic generation methods like seo takes time to get traffic but if you want to generate instant traffic without waiting for ranked it. Then go with the PPC ads.

Great for local businesses.

If you have small business. And want to target local audiences. Then PPC ads are great for you.

Generally local traffic using mobile devices for searching for nearby shops and services. In mobile ads there is also a call button option to allow the consumer to call. 

PPC advertising are budget friendly.

Just because you’re paying when someone clicks on your ad. Also paid search ads are budget friendly than other forms of advertising. It is beneficial.for small businesses who have limited marketing budgets. 

With a limited budget you can target the specific audience which is your target audience so the ROI of PPC ads is great to achieve.

Increase your brand recognition

Not everyone is clicking on your ad when it is visible to the audience. Though as more they search for industry related keywords they see your ad and indirectly your brand awareness is created. 

If sometimes they click on an ad and see your product then that trust factor encourages consumers to buy from you.

PPC advertising can be measurable.

While you are running an PPC ad campaign that all data of your campaign is recorded such as budget spent, Impression, number of clicks, cost per click. That helps you to improve your next ad campaign to get more positive results.


PPC advertising can be a valuable asset for digital marketing tactics. If you have a small business then it’s a key point of your traffic. Because Paid search ads generate instant and more traffic from search engines. Ensure that the relevancy of traffic.

Though PPC advertising needs investment but the one thing should keep in mind is that the ROI of this ad campaign is much better.

Are you using PPC advertising or your business? Tell me in the comment section.

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