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Profitable Google Ads

Running  Profitable Google ads you have to become strategic and Intelligent work. Because Google ads have various features to make a google ad very effective. 

In this Google ads tutorial, I’m going to share How to run a successful Google ad?

What are Google Ads?

Google ads are the advertisement platform powered by Google where google run advertisement or advertiser on and other websites through Google Adsense Display network.

Here are some examples of Google search ad and Display ad

How to create profitable Google Ads?
How to create profitable Google Ads?

How to create Profitable Google ads?

Here’s the step by step process to create profitable google ads which helpful for a beginner as well as professionals.

Step#1. Decide your ads Goal

First Thing you need to focus on before creating successful Google ads you have to decide their Goal. It means For what you’re running this ad on Google. Whether It’s for traffic, getting sales conversion, or for promotion.

If you know your ad goal then all things become easy to set up ads. The goal will help you in the following things

  • For designing ads
  • Decide the capital to invest in Ads.
  • Reach to the targeted audience.
  • Set up targeted keywords.

In all these things goal matters. Just because You decided your advertising goal you can easily optimize mention things according to your Goal.

Step#2. Research your targeted audience

At this point, you need to invest some time to research your targeted audience. IF their likes and dislikes and research your competitor who are running ads on Google. Observe How are they running their ads? Which style of language they are using to create effective ads? Not only spy your competitor also spy your audience as well. Search that what type of searching audience like to search on Google For this you can use Google Trends.

Suppose You are running ads regarding selling your product. So Go to the google trends and type your targeted keyword. Then you can the daily searching graphs. If it’s going up then It’s a sign that the audience likes to search for this also see some related keywords in the bottom you can also check one by one as well. 

Note:- Google trends just provide audience behavior on google. So use it just to see your audience’s behavior does not depend on it for advertising keyword research.

Step#3. Create a Targeted landing page

Not just creating an ad is sufficient to create a profitable add campaign but also you have to strengthen your internal system.

The landing page is the web page where you sent traffic through Google ads. So If it’s great then you can get more conversion. One thing you need to understand that Online you can’t meet with your customer your landing page chat with visitors and convert into a customer. 

How to design the perfect landing page?

First of all landing page design is decided with your marketing goal for what reason you design the landing page? Whether It’s for lead generation landing page or sales conversion landing page. 

If It’s designed for lead generation then the format of a landing page is different and if It’s designed for sales conversion then the format is different.

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Step#4. Use some Relevant and highly target keywords

Keyword research is a crucial part of SEO as well as paid advertising. But both keyword research is different. 

After all, Google is a search engine so It’s completely working on queries To find relevant keywords for Google ads then you can use Google Keyword Planner which is a special design for the advertiser by Google.

Here you can find the most targeted keyword by using this. If you want to do more advanced keyword research then you can go with the SEMrush keyword research tool as well. But for advertising purposes, I suggest going with Google keyword Planner.

How to find relevant and highly targeted keywords?

  1. Find Targeted keywords

    Google keyword Planner

    To find highly targeted keywords type in your niche in Google keyword planner.

  2. Check their CPC and search Volume

    Then Google show you some relevant keyword regarding that niche along with traffic range CPC, keyword competition

  3. Find long tail keywords

    I recommend checking the keyword competition as a low and medium and Top page bid should low so you can spend less and get more. But stop If you want traffic then it’s sufficient. But If you want to get leads and sales from Google ads then find long-tail keywords relevant to your product and service.

Because Sales conversion and leads don’t come with short keywords and medium keywords. Hee visitor comes to know something. Visitors search for long-tail keyword mostly If they want to do any buying decision and like to interest in it

Step#5 Create Multiple Ads copy

Before You start ads campaign you can create lots of versions of your ad copy as much you can because lots of ads copy helps to increase conversion rate.

Create multiple copies but in each copy change only a single element so that you can find out which one gives good results. And distribute your budget into the smaller segment and assign the individual budget to each version.

Step#6 Do experiments with your ads

Experimentation is the key to any ads campaign. If you are doing experiments you can likely improve your ads campaign.

Try small variation in previous ads campaign and see the results and find out which get more conversion.

One rule always follows with advertising to find good results always try new things with advertising.

Step #7 Understand previous ads analytics

To increase ROI of your ad you to check your ad’s analytics. While you set the goals of your ad your analytics also shows you results concerning your ads.

Calculating this is simple enough: Take the amount you are paying per click and multiply it by the percentage of clicks that convert. Through this analytics decide what you should do to decrease your PPC.


To create profitable Google ads is not difficult to do just you have to do some essential things properly as mention above and your work is done.

I recommend using Google Search ad for only to get traffic and If you want to generate leads and sales then go with display ads which is better for you.

Now It’s your turn tell me your first Google ads experience in the comment section. I would like to reply to your comments.