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Social media Engagement
Social Media Engagement

Social media is part of the internet which is almost 99.99% of the audience who read this post right now. That’s the power of social media.

And Bloggers like you and me may use this platform to get traffic from social media as well. So that we need social media engagement as well. But sometimes we struggle in this. So let’s see why this happens?

Why is social media engagement important?

Social media has the power to bring people close to each other without any restrictions of borders. For business, It’s a free customer base as well. Because after all, their customer is using that platform as much as possible. Businesses have one simple rule that where your audience is present: That’s the present for you. Social media is that present for business. To get sales from social media you have to engage with your targeted audience So that social media engagement is important.

Also, engagement is a crucial part of social media. Without engagement social media becomes bullshit. If someone likes, commenting and sharing that’s the engagement. Even someone visiting your profile has one social media metric of engagement. Social media algorithms literally work on engagement. 

If you observe that on social media if you like or comment on some of your consumed content then you see more content of that category which automatically happens due to social media engagement.

3 tools to increase social media Engagement

Some social media engagement tool which helps you to decide your perfect social media marketing content strategy

1. Socialpilot

socialpilot :- social media engagement tool

Socialpilot is the social media engagement tool which helps us to build and track social media engagement. The tool helps you to automate your social media posts on various timings. You can post no. of posts through Socialpilot. Socialpilot gives suggestions for engaging content. The best part of SocialPilot It helps you to track the social media in various metrics like comment, share, impressions, tweets, retweets, mentions etc… and social pilot easily integrates with the URL shortening tools like Rebrandly, Bitly, Sniply.

2. Canva

Canva :- social media designing tool

Canva is the best designing tool. You can use it to design your social media post. I personally use this tool to design my social media post. Here you can design various social media posts as well as the blog designs and infographics. Its interface is easier than photoshop. This tool gives you a competitive advantage while someone shares your post they will credit you.


IFTTT:- social media engagement tool

IFTTT is a great social media tool which more automates your business. If you post something on Facebook, you can set triggers so that IFTTT reposts the content on your other social media accounts. By posting regularly on different social networks, you’ll likely increase social media engagement.

1. Try to build a community

social media community

Social media itself has a community which comes people closer all over the world. So you can see the power of community. You can also create a community which helps you to interact with other people.

Community means I want to say that create a Facebook group, Whatsapp Group, LinkedIn Groups etc. This social media platform gives you a chance to create communities on their platform. If you create community then you have all rights that who you want and who not. So It’s become great to have a community.

We are also creating one Facebook group to create sales and Marketing community for helping people in marketing and Generating sales. 

2. Ask question

The easy way to use social media is to ask questions to your followers. Ask funny questions to your followers which increase your engagement. Means you get like, comment with funny answers your engagement increases. For Instance, If you bought a T-shirt online ask followers How is it? like that where you get more engagement.

3. Provide value for FREE

People like freebie things much more so you can offer something for free to the audience so you can interact with your post and you’ll get engagement. For Instance, If you have digital marketing service then you can give a free ebook or spreadsheet to the audience where you give tutorials about how to use your service.

4. Do Giveaway

How to do Giveaway?

Giveaway is one the way you can get more engagement on social media. Giveaway means in short offers something paid for free by contesting among your social media followers.

Who wins you’ll give them a Giveaway gift according to giveaway terms and conditions.

For instance, Imagine you have product A which you sell online. Then what you can do is host a giveaway on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn on whatever platform where your audience exists. You can offer it for free to the audience. And for participation, you can ask them to do something engagement activity like the post and comment or share it. Here you’ll engage with targeted audiences and they get free products as well. Just become you will offer them your product for you that creates a good reputation for you. So when you post something on social media they engage with your content.

5. Collaborate with Micro-Influencers

social media influencer marketing

Micro-Influencers are more likely to take part in interviews. If you take interviews with the micro Influencers then you can get more eyeballs. People will know who you are. So that engagement on social media will increase and you’ll get benefits from it.

Before collaboration first chooses your platform where your audience is less engaged with your content on that platform find micro-influencer for collaboration.

6. Post funny content

If you always share serious content on social media then it doesn’t give you more response on social media. If you share some fun facts and memes regarding your niche then it would be helpful for you.

Funny content I mean to say that shares memes regarding your niche. Deliver your serious message through some creative funny things. If you observe social media then you have seen that funny, comedy and entertainment-related stuff is more shared on social media because people use social media for enjoyment. 

7. Make your content style unique

On social media a lot of people of posting content but one thing should you remember that your content style should be unique than other people?

If your content style is unique that gives you extra benefits on social media. But some people ask me that to make unique content style on social media to make it engageable is difficult. Then I want to say one thing that social media is all about experimentation. More you experiment more you get clarity about your content.

8. Host Q&A sessions on social media

Two days ago while I using Instagram then I see one influencer post that asks me anything in one hour and As I check the comment he answers everyone to comment in one hour. Such a way you can also host Q&A sessions like that on social media. To host Q&A session you that social media platform where you have the highest following.

9. Go Live on perfect timing

live social media engagement

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram have one feature to go live and interact with the followers. According to the research found that on live videos the engagement has 10x more than Normal post. So to start successful live let’s do some research that when your audience is freely using social media. And at that that you can go live once in a week or month.


There are so many ways you can get social media engagement without spending a single dollar on advertising. As I always say social media is boon for business just need is to use it properly.

I like to create communities on social media because on social media communities becomes trending in upcoming time because on social media organic reach becomes dead so try to focus on creating communities.

Now It’s your turn tell which one strategy you like most and you’ll like to implement as well…